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Fossil Q Display


In search of an impactful display for their new ‘Q’ range of smartwatches, retail giants, Fossil Group, approached our Australian print partners, Next Printing, for a solution. The design was creative, clean and smart, clearly displaying the key features of the watches and activity trackers.
Fossil initially produced the display using a painted MDF construction. However, they were concerned about the cost and weight of the structure, as well as the time needed to manufacture and then install it.

Listening carefully to the client’s concerns, Next offered Re-board® as the solution. By using Re-board®, Next were able to reduce the cost of the display, and provide a swift, lightweight replacement. The stunning Q shaped boards now had the design printed directly on them and were quick and simple to assemble.

We keep using Re-board® again and again. Every need of our client had was perfectly solved by using this amazing product: short production lead time, low weight and easy assembly and transportation

said Romeo Sanmuri, MD at Next Printing in Sydney.

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