Boundless Imagination with Reboard®

Re-board® is a uniquely strong and versatile rigid paperboard. Its engineered fluted core allows Re-board® to be cut and folded into any shape imaginable. The pristine white surface can be digitally printed or beautifully finished with laminates. Even when crafted in fantastical shapes, Re-board® remains exceptionally strong, lightweight, and durable. This makes it the most versatile board on the market. Easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, it is ideal for display advertising, point of sale marketing and for exhibitions and fairs.

Environmentally friendly

Consumers expect market leaders to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Re-board® is the most environmentally friendly board of its kind. This is because Re-board® contains no harmful components and utilizes water-based adhesives, meaning it can be recycled as paper. Being so lightweight, it also reduces the carbon footprint of transport. Our wood mill in Norrköping, Sweden, is FSC Chain of Custody certified. These credentials demonstrate to consumers that our partners are taking responsibility for their environmental impact.


Re-board® is the material of choice for exceptional point of sale marketing, exhibit displays and signage. Its strength and versatility let you dream big when it comes to application. We work with our print partners to make perfect design possible, ensuring the displays and signage developed are irresistible to the right customer.

Design Library

At Re-board® Technology, we offer our partners access to a unique Design Library. Here, you will find 1000s of completed applications of Re-board®, from vibrant point of sale displays, to sprawling Re-Board® cityscapes to dominate exhibition floors. These designs have been used to skyrocket campaigns by global brands. We are the only company to offer this service, giving you the competitive edge that secures new clients.

Re-board, small footprint

Big impact, small CO2 footprint structures are feasible using Re-board as a substrate. Re-board is the most eco-friendly material of its kind and is the first board in the world to independently measure it’s CO2 emissions. 16mm Re-board CO2 emission/SQM = 2kg, based on CEPI and ISO 14040 guidelines.


Complete shop-in-shop by Reproteam Austria

Signage By ASG UK

POP/POS Displays

Expositions and trade shows by Electroprint, Morocco & Digiforma Belgium


Events by Artwork Digital, Brazil; Kong Displays Belgium.

Touring expositions


Exposition walls and furniture by Grupo Rafael, Spain

Window displays