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Colgate Moroccan Tour

Oral hygiene giants, Colgate, needed a memorable and sustainable solution for the launch of an exciting new campaign in Morocco. Travelling from city to city, Colgate’s dental professionals would offer free dental care to Moroccans across the country.
For the tour, organised and managed by Gold Agency, Colgate commissioned a custom-made tour bus. The inside was furnished with Re-board, and designed and fitted by Re-board® partner, Electroprint.

Inside the bus the walls, shelves, partitions and even doors were built from Re-board®. On arrival, dental professionals sat at Re-board® tables, with Re-board displays demonstrating healthy brushing techniques behind them. As check-ups took place inside the coach, branded Re-board® displays of Colgate products sat beside dentist chairs.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the Re-board® display products proved to be the perfect solution to Colgate’s tour requirements. They were lightweight, making them easy to carry and transport, and durable. As well as convenience, Electroprint’s Re-board® solution reduced Colgate’s environmental impact, with the lightweight materials adding less weight to the coach. Due to Re-board®’s natural components, the displays were also able to be simply recycled at the end of the tour.

Re-board® was the perfect material to bring our designs to life. Brilliantly versatile and strong, we were able to use Re-board® to give Colgate a memorable and distinctive solution.

said Chakib El Fakouri, Director Development at Electroprint in Casablanca.

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