Manufactured in Sweden, Re-board is a patented rigid paperboard with a unique engineered fluted core. It is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally strong.


The unique core enables a Re-board sheet to be rapidly cut into any conceivable shape. Re-board can be digitally printed or finished with decorative laminates to achieve stunning results.


We have a global network of Re-board Partners that are willing and able to turn your ideas into Re-board realities. Each Re-board Partner is fully approved and trained by us.


Oriam Green was founded in 2010 by Craig MacWilliam and John O’Reilly.
Now operating in Ireland, UK, USA and Canada.
The company only Distributes Re-board® and operates direct to customers.

Industries where RE-BOARD is being used

Point of sale | Events Exibition | Signage | Walls | Displays Shop | fitting | Ceilings | Windows Displays | construction