Retailers Are Taking on Digital with Innovative Displays

//Retailers Are Taking on Digital with Innovative Displays

Retailers Are Taking on Digital with Innovative Displays

Retailers Are Taking on Digital with Innovative Displays

Traditionally, the window display has been the fresh face of retail. Curious shoppers take a look as they are passing by, and if there is something new and exciting to be seen, they are tempted to step inside. Nowadays, innovative retail displays are enabling retailers to bring that sense of excitement and novelty to the interior of their store.

Thanks to advances in materials and design, the next generation of retail displays are more impressive, sustainable, user-friendly and effective than ever. By making strategic use of point of sale displays, retail stands, and by building stores within stores, retailers are able to create a dynamic physical retail space. This way, they are able to offer their customers an immersive shopping experience that is a step ahead of their online competitors.

The Strategic Advantage of Display Marketing

Part of the appeal of display marketing lies in its strategic advantage. Retailers have always been aware of the importance of targeted marketing. Innovative display marketing allows them to implement changes rapidly, creating a sense of scarcity and excitement.

This is particularly useful when it comes to playing into trends and holidays. Coca-Cola, for example, make an impact by designing a huge point of sale display in the shape of the red truck from their famous Christmas advertisement. This goes to show that big brands are taking the opportunity to boost seasonal sales and build their presence.

Competing with Online

Online, changes can be made with the click of a mouse. To compete with that capacity, retailers are having to adapt quickly and think ahead. Their key advantage is that immersive, exciting updates pack a much bigger punch offline than online.

Physical changes are a bigger challenge to achieve, but in terms of impact, they blow a website overhaul out of the water. After all, continual updates are merely what’s expected online. Surprising the customers who step into your brick-and-mortar space reaps much bigger rewards. That can be done in a range of ways, from grabbing a shopper’s attention with a colourful display at the till, to inviting them into a brand-new pop-up environment.

Sustainable Marketing with Re-board®

For any display marketing campaign, it is important to use eco-friendly materials which are durable and can be recycled. Re-board®, the original innovative, sustainable rigid paperboard, is uniquely suited to this purpose. It is strong, light-weight, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

What’s more, Re-board® is FSC certified and recyclable as paper. This allows retailers to continually provide a fresh experience to their customers, while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Re-board Technology works together with our print and distribution partners to make this possible.

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