Re-board® Technology AB accelerates with new management

//Re-board® Technology AB accelerates with new management

Re-board® Technology AB accelerates with new management

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Re-board® Technology AB accelerates with new management

The acquisition of Re-board® from Stora Enso has been completed and the company is now under new ownership and management. The new CEO is Gustaf Redin who assumes his position effective immediately. John-Åke Svensson stays on in a role as Chairman of the board and co-owner.

Re-board® is a world class product distributed globally. Our priority and commitment to our partners and customers is to maintain the exceptional quality production for which the product is known, as well as securing shipments of the steadily increasing volumes” says Gustaf Redin.

During the autumn the company intends to consolidate and strengthen operations following the acquisition, while accelerating work with both product and sales development.

“I am excited to be working with the skilled and experienced team at the Norrkoping mill. Re-board® is already a strong international brand and product, and yet we are only beginning to see the full potential of technology and patents that the company holds” continues Gustaf Redin. 

For media enquiries or comments please contact Gustaf Redin +46 (0)11 474 2200 or

About Re-board® Technology AB  

Re-board Technology AB is a privately held company based in Norrköping, Sweden. The company holds patented technology for producing paperboard with a uniquely engineered fluted core. The main product Re-board® is a strong and rigid but very light-weight board that converts well for usage areas in printing, advertising and displays. Re-board® is distributed globally in more than 40 countries. Design-databases of completed Re-board® projects contains well over 7 000 projects for a multitude of international brand names.

Background information

The Management has acquired Stora Enso Re-board AB

As communicated on July 5th a team led by Stora Enso Re-board CEO John-Åke Svensson has acquired Re-board. Business will continue as usual, and the full team will stay on and continue supporting the company’s 40+ international customers.

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