The 2017 Re-board® conference

//The 2017 Re-board® conference

The 2017 Re-board® conference

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The 2017 Re-board® conference

Last week the annual Re-board® conference was held. The event gathered participants from the global Re-board® community to introduce Re-board® Technology and its direction, as well as to discuss marketing, sales and product development.

The location for this year’s conference was Lienz in Austria. The meeting was hosted by Durst at their state-of-the-art facilities, where also a factory tour and a visit to the showroom was arranged.

Re-board® has over the years been good at attracting the best distributors and partners to engage in developing the Re-board® business in partnership. The management fully intends to continue in this tradition, and further stimulate cooperation in the Re-board® partner and distributor family.

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